FactoryFloor - The Cardboard Designer

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Take on the role of factory architect in this worker placement, tile placement, puzzle game. Use your skill to design the most productive among your rivals using limited space to full effect. Hire staff to increase output, build chains of conveyor belts, and edge out the competition with last minute quality control.  Do you have what it takes to come out on top?


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-- How To Play --

Board game design - getting the 12x8 boards made!
  • Budding Factory Managers draw room tiles from the “architect” bag
  • Add rooms to the factory floor space making sure to use the space as effectively as possible
  •  Staff Rooms add workers, Production Facilities  produce more goods and Energy Nodes make your facilities even more productive 
Board game design - tile making
  • After each AM and PM shifts players collect the amount of product their factory produces and bag them up for delivery
  • After a full working week it’s time to use those Energy Nodes and collect those “special request” bonuses for even more points
Board game design - getting the 12x8 boards made!
  • Be warned though,  unused factory tiles and missed targets reduce your final score!
  • The end of the game the player who has built the most  productive factory is declared the winner and promptly fires everyone else!

Factory Floor is quick to learn, and takes about 10 - 15 minutes to play per player. Sign up now and help us choose art and early access to the rule book and print and play options when they're ready!