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Factories and Wrestlers (1st September 2020)

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Wherein I discuss the progress being made to existing board game Factory Floor and start to talk about the next game.

It’s been just over a week since I last updated on the progress of Factory Floor. Below I want to outline where we are, and also give you an introduction to a new game that I am working on.

Factory Floor Update

Board Game - PC Made Print Out of Factory Floor

It’s been a long time in the making honestly – but I finally got around to making a simple version of the game on the PC. This has made it easier for me to create copies for play testing. They came out well and although the card is only 250gsm, it’s thick enough to use as tiles. Obviously none of the components are near final – but the game is actually fairly aesthetically pleasing even in it’s current form.

I am finding it tough going doing all the cutting out – but this will make things a shade easier. Hopefully I will be able to get some play tests going with people outside the inner circle.

I’ve started working with my astonishingly good artist Pat as well. He is looking at how to “artistically” sell the thematic idea of the game. This is where we I have let go of my baby a little and let him do his magic. It’s tough when you’ve been working on something so long. But it’s part of the process!

At this point there is a chance that we even move away from the factory theme. This may or may not end up being the case, but it’s something that needs to be tested. I know how much players like to “build” things. The feeling of accomplishment that players get when they build something in games. I want to ensure that Factory Floor retains that feel throughout.

Beyond that, we’ve started working with a marketer as well. Neither myself nor Pat are great with marketing. It’s not our expertise and we would have to do twice as much work for half the benefit. The lady we are working with is amazing. She loves board games, has done her own in fact. The knowledge and advice she has already given us is amazing. We are really excited to work with her!

Super Awesome Ultimate Wrestling

So what’s next?

Getting the chance to sit down with Pat finally and look at art for Factory Floor – we were able to talk about the next project.

I had a few ideas of core mechanics in my head and we started to hash out a player experience together. He loves creating character work – and he’s very good at it. Here you can see an example of the characters from our last game.

Discussion kept coming around to the idea of a wrestling game – and after looking at what other offerings were out there – we formed an idea.

In the gallery you can see some sketches I’ve made for the board – different iconography and character sheets. The game specifically won’t just be about the actual fighting in wrestling. We wanted to encompass the drama and theatrics that happen between the fights as well.

For that reason, the game will be semi co-operative. While trying to claim victory, players will also have to ensure that the audience are entertained. I plan to do this by making cards which have dual purposes.

I’m currently in the process of ironing out the mechanics. I am well aware when I sit down and start playing it it will need plenty of iteration.

One thing that has already changed quite considerably was the original inception of the game to where it is now. I hadn’t initially envisaged needing a board for the game. After a few reworks in my head however, I decided that I definitely wanted to have a representation of a ring. This was for a few reasons. It increased the player experience. I wanted players to have a representation of their characters in front of them. And any opportunity to make little wrestler meeples was something I couldn’t pass up!


Well, that’s everything for now. I am patiently awaiting the arrival of 960 blank cards and 300 meeples from amazon :D. I can’t wait to start showing off some of the artwork from Pat. In the mean time – stay safe out there!


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