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All the Lessons

Join others who get a notification ever time I post a new lesson around game design. I aim to do at least 1 a week to stay regular.

Below is a full list of all the articles that I have written and I really hope they help! Be sure to check out my development diary as well because it’s where I use the things I talk about!

Some of my lessons come with exercises that can be carried out. This will help you better understand the reasoning behind what I discuss. I advise you to either work along with me and design your own game as you work through the exercises because doing is always better than reading.

Alternatively, in most cases I include an option to iterate on an existing game. Because game design is such an iterative process this is a great way to come up with new ideas.

For those looking for even more – I stongly recommend Game Lab. You can also get loads of tips, tricks and advice on the Board Game Geek Forums.

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